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Use conda-store as shebang


This page is in active development, content may be inaccurate and incomplete.

conda-store can be used as a shebang within Linux allowing users to embed conda environments within scripts for reproducibility. Basic usage is as follows. Notice that the conda-store run command is just the normal usage of the command.

#!/usr/bin/env conda-store
#! conda-store run <namespace>/<environment-name>:<build-id> -- python

print('script running within the conda-store environment')

The first line must begin with the shebang #! along with ending in conda-store. You cannot put arguments on the first line due to limits in the shebang specification. Additional lines are then added starting with #! conda-store run ... with are then used as arguments to conda-store run.

The path to the script being run is always appended as the last argument to the command so the example above is interpreted as:

conda-store run <namespace>/<environment-name>:<build-id> -- python <shebang-filename>

This feature was heavily inspired by nix-shell shebangs.