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conda-store (core)

The conda-store repository on GitHub consists of two separate, yet related, packages:

  • conda-store-server: web server and workers that together provide the conda-store "service" through a REST API
  • conda-store (client): a client that interacts with the service to offer a user-facing command line interface (CLI)

Get started ✨

The fastest way to get started with conda-store is with a local standalone installation and the conda-store UI.

Alternatively, you can use some features of conda-store through the CLI commands or as a shebang.

Key concepts 🔖

Understand some useful terms and concepts to use conda-store effectively:

Other installation options 💻

conda-store can also be installed using:

Deeper dive 📚

Make the most of conda-store by learning about:

Community and contributing 🌱

Be a part of the conda-store community! Check out the Community documentation for details.