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CLI reference


This page is in active development, content may be inaccurate and incomplete.

The base CLI is inspired by tools such as conda, kubectl, and docker. The base commands are download, info, list, run, wait.

$ conda-store --help
Usage: conda-store [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

--conda-store-url TEXT conda-store base url including prefix
--auth [none|token|basic] conda-store authentication to use
--no-verify-ssl Disable tls verification on API requests
--help Show this message and exit.

download Download artifacts for given build
info Get current permissions and default namespace
run Execute given environment specified as a URI with COMMAND
solve Remotely solve given environment.yaml
wait Wait for given URI to complete or fail building

conda-store run

One of the motivating features of the conda-store cli is that you can directly execute conda-store environments that exist remotely.

conda-store run devops/datascience -- python -m "print(1)"

conda-store solve

conda-store is capable to remote solves of environment files. If requested conda-store can perform intelligent solves with caching.

conda-store download

conda-store info

conda-store wait

conda-store list [namespace|environment|build]