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conda-store JupyterLab extension

An extension to use the conda-store UI - a React-based frontend for conda-store, within JupyterLab.

Install 📦

  1. Pre-requisites: conda-store-server, JupyterLab >= 3.0 and <= 4.0, and Python >= 3.8 installed.

  2. Install the extension:

conda install -c conda-forge jupyter-lab-conda-store
  1. Start JupyterLab:
jupyter lab
  1. (Optional) Uninstall the extension
conda uninstall jupyter-lab-conda-store


In the JupyterLab window, click on the conda-store menu bar item to open the UI in a new window within JupyterLab:

JupyterLab window&#39;s menu bar with conda-store at the end of the list containing the Conda Store Package Manager option

Learn to use the interface with conda-store UI tutorials.